In the 70s the Agricultural Co-Op set up an industrial subsidiary for
producing agricultural accessories, equipment, or repairing them.
In the longer run casting of these items became more realistic and
cost-effective. Over this period a cupola furnace was set up. The
professionals came from the neighbouring cities. After the Transition
the foundry changed several owners. Recently, it is a family business
In the last six years the foundry was turned to be a proper factory in
its category. Investment and development since then has not finished.
The smelter and processing are working on full capacity. The production
is led by professional metallurgists, for the market the owners are
in charge. Through years the supplier cycle has been established. Lóci
offers good price and short deadline. It aims to invest in new equipment such as half-automatic sandhandling, and also in plans to recycle at least 50% of the worn foundry sand waste bits. In order to do so some elements have been purchased. The advantage of Loci is the flexibility (small amount and specific orders with short deadline), quality they offer and competitive prices. At the moment the permission covers 1MW electricity input, however, upon demand, an additional 1MW could be acquired.

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