Lóci Steel and Iron Foundry

The company, a small family business, has been developed since 2001.

During this period the applied technology has changed from cupola to inductive smelting. The quality systems have been improved as well as the casting processing with some new modern equipment. 10-12% of the Hungarian market is covered by Lóci Foundry, significantly in the compound and specifically high compound iron/steel casting segment.

As a result of the consistent professional hard work, and strict economic and financial awareness the company proves to be accurate in meeting the high requirements of the clients and delivering in local and European markets.

Lóci Steel and Iron Foundry, Nagylóci Industrial plant


  • About 2500 m2 of the building stock, social and warehouse.
  • Power grid, new high power ground cables
  • Maintained 1 MW column transformer
  • Földalatti szennyvíztartály szerződött szennyvíz elszállító
  • There are no inhabited settlements within 800 metres of the site.
  • 20,000 m2 industrial property (can be developed)


Lóci Steel and Iron Foundry

1131 Budapest, Szomszéd u 22.

Iron Foundry

3175 Nagylóc Ipartelep

Phone/ Fax: +3632/543.035
E-mail: lociontok@invitel.hu
Mobile: +3630/9.326.710
E-mail: info@lociontok.hu